County Vauxhall Barnstaple will remain your Local Vauxhall Dealer

You may have seen in recent news that Vauxhall UK have decided that some smaller Dealers in non-core locations across the UK would not be offered new contracts going forward, prompting some concerns from Vauxhall owners in North Devon as well as other parts of the South West.

Vauxhall UK stated recently that due to the large investment now required by their dealers and their ability to make sufficient profit on that investment, that they would not need quite as many dealerships in the future, currently having one of the largest networks in the UK. This is in common with other car brands who have seen similar dealer number reductions.

Andy Witherington our County Garage Group Sales Director stated, “ Vauxhall are currently re-issuing new franchise contracts to the majority of their dealers enabling them future clarity to be able to further invest in the Vauxhall brand, in facilities and customer service. The good news is that County Vauxhall Barnstaple are one of those dealers being offered a new contract. .

We are afraid the day of franchise garages being in every small town have come and gone with the major investments now required to run a franchise dealership. We however have been in North Devon as a group since 1927, as a Vauxhall retailer since 1991 and have been renewing rolling contracts with Vauxhall regularly since then, this being quite a normal process for us as a franchise.

We would just like to reassure all our customers that we are currently renewing our contract as normal, we will be continuing to represent Vauxhall being in a vital and important location covering areas in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset .

We love working with Vauxhall having won numerous national awards, have invested heavily recently to refurbish our showrooms ,waiting area and service reception making it a modern and comfortable place for our customers.

We will shortly be hearing all about Vauxhall’s future model plans and their showcasing of new technologies at a national conference in May and are very much looking forward to future sales success with Vauxhall.

In other news, we have recently appointed a new Service Manager in Steve White who joins an experienced and award winning team. Our latest award has just been announced by Motability UK as the best dealer for customer service covering Wales and the South West for the first part of this year. A local presentation will take place soon and we look forward to welcoming representatives from Motability UK to our Vauxhall dealership in Barnstaple.

Despite recent comments about falling National Car sales , we have found that the local economy has proved resilient ,the overall car market still remains one of the top few on record and is not as bad as reported. Ultimately for us it is about looking after local people with great service and we plan to keep doing that here in Barnstaple, North Devon”.